What the eyes perceive in herbs or stones or trees is not yet a remedy; the eyes see only the dross – Paracelsus – I decided to write this post after much in-depth research around the use of CBD for pets because of its increasing popularity in UK. Clinical observations are showing proof about the benefits in using CBD oil for many conditions in both […]

Starting from the firmly point that a good diet is essential to health, a dog and cat “natural diet” consist of nutritious food designed to be well assimilated and digested by a well programmed gut. Assuming that cat’s gut is designed to be part of a strictly carnivorous organism, and dog’s gut is designed to be more carnivorous too but more adaptable, dogs and cats […]

While the western world has already moved on to 2017, in the Chinese culture the new year is initiated by the Second Moon after the winter solstice, which marks the date of the 28th of January this year. Celebrations traditionally run for about two weeks within the Chinese communities around the world, with great parades that display lively colours, charming folk melodies and dances. 2017 is going to be […]

“ honey is a wonderful gift of nature and stands almost alone as a pure natural sweet, perfect in itself ” -Samuel Simmins, a modern bee farm and its economic management, 1887- Treasured for more than ten thousand years, the use of honey parallels the evolution of human society. Honey has been used as a source of food by nearly every culture and it has […]

The sounds make up the melodies that create music. Everybody knows that some sounds can cause negative or beneficial effects on the emotional state of people depending on which brain’s areas is activated to or which memories comes out in our mind. The positive and well-being state led to the discovery of music therapy, which is a mode that allow people to use music as […]