Dogs, cats, horses and any animals, in common with humans beings, have a chakra system. The Chakra System is a network of rotating energy whirls (they are called also energy wheels) which run throughout the entire body. Universal energy (Qi in Chinese medicine or Prana in Ayurvedic medicine) flows in and out of the chakras, along the meridian system, into the aura and then finally into the physical body. Aura is defined as an emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regards as an essential part of each individual as it is the surrounding body energy field formed by emotional, mental and spiritual levels. For this reason, every thought, act and emotion affects the chakras and is mirrored in the aura. Similarly, external stimuli, both positive and negative, affect the chakras and leave their mark in the aura (including physical injuries). This is the same for animals and humans alike.

“Movement never lies. It is the barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather”- Martha Graham

For those unfamiliar with the chakra system, you can compare the subtle energy body (made up of chakras, linked to meridians and contained in the aura) as being like water, and the physical body is the watermill which the water drives. When the mill wheel starts to perform less effectively, that it’s the water power which needs to be enhanced and not the mill structure. It’s the same with the subtle energy body. When we balance the chakras, get them spinning in harmony and at the correct rate, you get the physical body running smoothly once again.
According to my holistic education and resulting experience, I work on chakra balance using a combination of techniques based on Traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki techniques and chakra system. As explained during the AAVA/IVAS Congress on Veterinary Acupuncture 2016 in Tacoma, Washington, “every eastern philosophy talks about fluently energy flowing in order to obtain an healthy body in equilibrium”. In this study I considered the relationship between chakras belonging to subtle energy body and some acupoints located on extraordinary meridians (Du Mai and Ren Mai) belonging to physical body.


These two energetic source are strictly connected by the energy of the universe that flow through them and the body of the patient and of the practitioner. The energy of the universe is a radiant energy that permit the communication between organisms. Physically radiant energy or radiance is the measure of the quantity of radiation that passes through or is emitted from a surface and falls within a given angle in a specific direction . According to modern quantum physic, a healthy organism should be a system where all the physiological and psychological subsystems are optimally synchronized and coherent with each other in a highly coordinated way. Within this systemic state of coherence which is maintained by the communication through the energetic movement, the coherent interplay between fields (universe) and matter (bodies) play a decisive role. Each energetic movement frequency (radiance) must find a molecule (chakra) able to respond to it and each molecule present in the coherent region is governed by a corresponding field resonating with the respective molecular frequency (acupoint). This is what happened when the acupuncturist or the Ayurveda doctor treats a patient. As radiance is the way of communication between molecules, I use a Radiance Technique® to connect chakras and acupoints on animals.

The Radiance Technique® is the system of Reiki presented by Dr. Barbara Ray, one of the few Reiki masters trained by Takata-Sensei. This is supposed to be the authentic form of Reiki which was handed down from a Japanese monk named Mikao Usi to Dr. Juiro Hyashi and then to Mrs. Hawayo Takata. It was not until the last years of her life that she decided to give the secrets of authentic Reiki to Dr. Barbara Ray. You can read more information on the official web site
According to this technique practitioners transfer universal energy through the palms of the hands to create a state of equilibrium. The Radiance Technique® consists in 12 positions of the hands: 4 positions on the head, 4 positions on the back and 4 positions on the front. The top of the fingers, when you put the hands on the body of
the patient, are directed to the chakras. In animals chakras correspond to extraordinary meridians points and this is very interesting because we could use radiance energy to connect universe, non-physical and physical matters.

Chakra Balance technique can help your pet or horse to deeply relax in order to treat them for emotional disorder like stereotypy. In animal behavior, stereotypy is a term for a group of abnormal repetitive behavior which has no obvious goal or function.

Some examples are represented by weaving or crib-biting horses, tongue rolling cow, bar biting sow, cat and dog paw licking, dog tail chasing or self plucked birds as a result of severe stress.

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